Animation Reel 2013


Sanofi-aventis Presentation Boards

Here are a few story boards from a power point presentation that I designed for Sanofi-aventis. It was an informative presentation that Root Learning created for the client.


Screening Posters

Here are some posters I designed for a few different screening parties.


Ford Drivers Are Everywhere Dealer Spot

Here is a new Ford Dealer spot that I worked on for Team Detroit. 
Currently three versions are playing in Southern Virginia.


Light of Hope Kenya Project

I had the pleasure of creating the end tag for this beautiful piece 
created by James Talbot (Editor at STS Griot) 

Yum! Brands Web Video

This was a really fun project that I created at Root Learning. 
It was a small introductory web video for a new training program at Yum! Brands. 
It was inspired by David Novak's book "Taking People With You."

Compass Video

This is a video I created that explains the Compass Program offered at Root Learning. 

Davidson Hotels and Resorts Video

Here is a video that I helped create while working at Root Learning. 
It was a celebratory video for Davidson Hotels and Resorts.


Pepsi & Petco Video Testimonials for Root Learning

Below are some video testimonials from Pepsi and Petco that I created for Root Learning's website:

They were animated in Adobe Flash and composited in Adobe After Effects