Animation Reel 2013


Sanofi-aventis Presentation Boards

Here are a few story boards from a power point presentation that I designed for Sanofi-aventis. It was an informative presentation that Root Learning created for the client.


Screening Posters

Here are some posters I designed for a few different screening parties.


Ford Drivers Are Everywhere Dealer Spot

Here is a new Ford Dealer spot that I worked on for Team Detroit. 
Currently three versions are playing in Southern Virginia.


Light of Hope Kenya Project

I had the pleasure of creating the end tag for this beautiful piece 
created by James Talbot (Editor at STS Griot) 

Yum! Brands Web Video

This was a really fun project that I created at Root Learning. 
It was a small introductory web video for a new training program at Yum! Brands. 
It was inspired by David Novak's book "Taking People With You."

Compass Video

This is a video I created that explains the Compass Program offered at Root Learning. 

Davidson Hotels and Resorts Video

Here is a video that I helped create while working at Root Learning. 
It was a celebratory video for Davidson Hotels and Resorts.


Pepsi & Petco Video Testimonials for Root Learning

Below are some video testimonials from Pepsi and Petco that I created for Root Learning's website:

They were animated in Adobe Flash and composited in Adobe After Effects


Vito's Pizza Commercials

Below I have some production art and videos for three Vito's Pizza commercials. All three were created under the direction of Steve Stanchfield at Thunderbean Animation. 

Ford Thinktank project

Little Squirt Production Progress

The following is a collection of all kinds of stuff. The first part is mostly work from the sketchbook,
while the second half gets a little more cartoony.

Ash & Me

Sketchbook Portraits

Sketchbook Figures

Character Design Rocky

Character Design Primitive Snowboarder

Character Design Tikes 'n Trikes

Character Design Lullaby

During the summer times I like to dive into painting and pastel work.
I've had some wonderful opportunities drawing and painting for some great families.

"The Boys" Pastel Portrait

"Chapman Family" Pastel Portrait

"Greyson" Pastel Portrait

"Father & Son" Pastel Portrait

"Painted Lady" Figure Study

"The Band" Watercolor

"Mason Voyage" Watercolor

"Flamingos" Colored Pencil

"Coral Reef" Watercolor

"Southwestern Michigan College" Watercolor